I don’t think I’m ever going to get MidJourney to understand my horns
I don't need therapy I need a grilled cheese .
SEGA World Sydney .
I can't believe I've unearthed this relic! .
This is what played in the .
food court while costumed .
performers danced around! .
What of Roscuro? Did he live happily ever after? Well… the Princess Pea gave him free access to the upstairs of the castle. And he was allowed to go back and forth from the darkness of the dungeon to the light of the upstairs. But, alas, he never really belonged in either place; the sad fate I am afraid, of those whose hearts break and then mend in crooked ways. But the rat in seeking forgiveness, did manage to shed some small light, some happiness, into another life. .
i hope that's not true .
cyberpunk background illustration of Atropa
developer's side projects .
I think I will start a blog… .
Looks like I will have to develop a blogging platform from scratch first. .
A Beautiful Angel 🪽 .