The Miraculous Phoenix! .
The Deadly Inkling .
The Cutest Back Scratcher .
The Friendly Foe .
The Pointy Friend .
The Ultimate Sky Rodent .
The Hope for a New Generation .
The Immaculate Conception .
The Participation Award Kid .
🎖️ .
Mardi Gras hair 💜 .
Horns: .
A photo of the base of a resin horn .
a 3d render of the same horn in Blender .
Time to mount them! .
Today I made a mix of clear 3d printer resin with a little bit of 
Titanium Dioxide white pigment, and mixed it to a milky white consistency.
It worked out wonderfully for printing a bone-like end cap to stick in the clear resin horns.

So happy with the results!
Resin Horns Update .
UV curing thru the shell to add an inner layer of white resin .
Horns crafting update .
exploring how glossy horn designs .
might catch light .
Chappie Ear Antennas .
Arm Feathers .
3d render tests .
Horns .
things I want to print with my new 3d printer .
She was a Wire Mother .
but i didn't have a cloth mother .
no comfort to choose .
when you say i'm not .
disgusting .
stinky .
cruel .
unlovable .
gross .
or hug me with a melting warmth .
or say i can always have a hug if i want one .
the old numb stories of a wire mother and a methed up dad .
come to life .
because the icicles built around .
those memories keeps them frozen .
in the space of weird anecdote .
but it's so hard not to cry when your warmth melts the ice .
but if i do you might empathise .
you might feel like i do .
but i never want to hurt you .
no one should ever have to .
feel like i do .
i don't want to hurt you .
i'm ok. just go .
i'll see you tomorrow .
just fyi .